„Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma ICM – Consult fanden wir eine Partnerfirma, mit der uns im Laufe unserer geschäftlichen Beziehung ein ausgesprochen kompetenter, korrekter, hilfreicher und vertrauenswürdiger Partner erwachsen ist.
Support, persönliche Betreuung und Kontakt, sowie ein hervorragendes Gesprächsklima, sorgen für eine atmosphärisch wirklich herausragende Beziehung!
Vielen Dank ICM!“


„Regarding to our relationship, our comment is „Very Nice!“. Since we started business with ICM in1998, SPL products have been known and accepted by more and more people in Japanese market. We are satisfied of the cooperative relationship between us. Good communication among employees in ICM, SPL and Electori always guarantees the stable expansion of SPL business in Japan. We wish to develope our relationship with ICM further.“

Ou Lifeng , International Operations Manager – ELECTORI CO.LTD., JAPAN

„The years of business cooperation with ICM have always meant pleasant collaboration to us. Our business has been based on mutual esteem and sharing of ideas and projects. We appreciated ICM support in many occasions and enjoyed the pleasure of working together. The high quality of our business revealed to be a winning point for both of us and we hope to enjoy this cooperation for a long time. Thank you for the good business we’ve shared.“

Lorenzo Benigna, MD – GRISBY SRL, ITALY

Blue Sky has become the standard here …

All of our editing is now done through the Blue Sky speakers, and we and our clients know that we’re delivering a consistent — and consistently good — sound editorial product to them every time

Rollin Feld Director of Operations, Skywalker Sound – USA

Thanks again for going above and beyond „normal“ customer service …

Just so you know, I have cut fx and dialogue with these speakers for 4 feature films, two tv Movie of the weeks and one IMAX film for James Cameron. I thought people might like to know what kind of work can be done with the Media desk system in the right environment.

Eric Lalicata Burbank, CA – US