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Professional marketing for sustained success of brand-name products – this is the mission which we have dedicated ourselves to and which we have been pursuing successfully for many years now.

Whether it’s about electric string instruments such as guitars or basses, nearfield and midfield monitoring solutions, or products for processing and transmission of audio signals – the products we are interested in must be of future-oriented design and our manufacturer partners must have or strive for technology leadership.

ICM Consult - The Consulting Company for Professional Audio Products

In our current portfolio you will find active 2.1 and 5.1 Fullrange Audiosystems both for professional and audiophile home cinema application. We also offer acoustic products – starting from broadband absorbers, over to BassTraps and Diffusors – up to graphic design absorber products for the sophisticated home cineaste.

Our product program for audio production includes a number of high-quality solutions for audio signal processing and audio signal distribution – such as remote controlled 8-channel microphone preamplifiers, complete Channel Strips in 19” rack format, Limiter, Splitter, Compressors, Enhancer – in short, all the tools which the audio producer requires.

Please visit our specific product portals and contact us for prices and terms of delivery.

To companies that are engaged in these market segments, ICM offers a variety of services listet in our Company Profile.

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